What to do with your children’s artwork…

How many of you get multiple pieces of art coming home every day in your children’s backpacks?

Or they’ve scribbled on some paper at home and they catch you sneaking it into the trashcan?

My 7 year old has been known to fish her drawings out of the trash, proclaim that was her best drawing ever and ask how I could possibly throw it away.

The latest and greatest…

We all want our children to be creative but most of us don’t want our kids to be hoarders.  Everyday, there is at least one new masterpiece in our house and sometimes twenty.  I find pictures in my purse, stuffed in desks, in drawers and on bookshelves.  In the past, I tried to have boxes of art organized by school year, but those boxes just stacked up and were rarely opened.

And another one…

My solution to my 7 year old art hoarder is Blinkbuggy!  We now keep the most special art pieces but we take pictures of the others. We take pictures with the Blinkbuggy App and they’re automatically uploaded.  At the end of this school year, we are going to create a Blinkbuggy printed album of her 1st grade art…which I’m sure will be looked at much more often than the pile of pictures that used to be in a box in her room.

The truth is that I really do love the art that my kids create and I’d love to save everything if I actually had room for it. Blinkbuggy allows me to keep it (in a slightly different form) and all of their creations and memories will be captured forever.

Check out my 1st grader’s most recent masterpieces (and yes, she has very high aspirations)…

And one more of my favorites (if you can decipher the words)…

As always, if you have any questions about how to capture your family’s memories, you can send questions directly to info@blinkbuggy.com.

Wishing you happy memories!

Julie Grijalva
Chief Corp Dev Officer and General Counsel, Blinkbuggy


Blinkbuggy Announcement & FAQs: Introducing Julie (our newest team member) and using Blinkbuggy with School-aged Kids

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers!

Our third baby – Blinkbuggy! – is really starting to grow up and make new friends.  We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Blinkbuggy family: Julie Grijalva!  Julie has recently joined Blinkbuggy as the Chief Corporate Development Officer and she brings fresh perspective to Blinkbuggy as a mother of 3 beautiful, school-aged kids (the youngest is almost 6).  Not only that, she is a self-described Blinkbuggy junkie, so of course, we had to hire her.  To inaugurate Julie into Blinkbuggy, we’ve asked her to share her experience and approach to starting with Blinkbuggy having school-age kids.  Without further ado…heeeeerrreeeee’s JULIE!

Happy Memories!

Emma Weisberg

Founder and CEO


Hi Blinkbuggy-ers!

I’m thrilled to be a part of Blinkbuggy.  I’m really looking forward to helping Blinkbuggy grow and reach its full potential so users like you (and me) have the best place to collect your memories and share your stories. Continue reading


Blinkbuggy Grab Bag: NYC Tips and Etiquette

We love New York City.  Granted, we’ve been here for a while so it’s possible that we no longer see the “forest from the trees” when it comes to those little things that make it special.  You know: garbage, honking, yelling, general lack of courtesy (not us, of course!).  We can appreciate how it may be a little overwhelming…especially if it’s your first time visiting.  Well, to help you make your visit to the Big Apple as enjoyable as possible, we’d like to share some basic NYC tips and etiquette suggestions courtesy of Nathan Pyle (http://www.nathanwpyle.com/).  Check it out at the link below.  At the very least, you’ll be a little better prepared to tackle the concrete jungle.





Blinkbuggy Tips: Kids “Firsts”! – Capturing Milestones

Hello again Blinkbuggy-ers!

Our kids have so many “firsts” in their lives – first crawl, first word, first step…It’s hard to keep up sometimes.  Once they really start walking and talking, their “firsts” just seem to pile up like an avalanche.  As parents, we also have our “firsts”, like that first time, before going out to pick up milk, you put on that shirt with the spit-up stain on it, looked at it, shrugged your shoulders and went out anyway  (Admit it, we’ve all done it). Continue reading


Blinkbuggy Tips: Capturing Your Children’s Artwork

Hello again Blinkbuggy-ers,

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got piles of the kids’ artwork floating around the joint.  Then every few months, when you finally can’t take the hoarding anymore, you stare helplessly at these piles faced with a dilemma, and perhaps a little guilt: “How can I possibly store all of these “masterpieces” for all time yet how can I possibly throw them out?!  After all, isn’t there something special and distinct between that yellow splotch and that one over there?”

We faced the same dilemma and would like to offer a possible solution using Blinkbuggy.   Simply scan the masterpiece(s) to an image file (e.g. jpeg) and load it up to Blinkbuggy as you would any other picture.   Now you can safely, and without guilt, put the originals in the storage of your choice (e.g. closet, safe…garbage – admit it, they’re not ALL great). Continue reading


Blinkbuggy Tips: The things kids say! – capturing “Quotes”

Hello again Blinkbuggy-ers!

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember that really funny thing your kid(s) said to you earlier and kicking yourself for not writing it down somewhere?  We certainly did, not only as our kids started to talk but also when they got older and were really able to explore their new-found linguistic skills.  We’d scramble to find a pen and something, anything, to write on before that perfect, often hilarious, snippet slipped our minds.

The things our kids say are so fleeting and spontaneous that we often lose them in the chaos of our days and with them the richness they add when looking back on a particular time.  To help avoid this problem, Blinkbuggy was designed with a dedicated way to capture all of those amazing, brilliant things that spill out of those little mouths. Continue reading


Blinkbuggy Tips to Get You Started

Hello Fellow Blinkbuggy-ers,

To all our new Blinkbuggy-ers, Welcome to Blinkbuggy!  As you begin capturing your memories we wanted to offer a few quick tips on getting started strong.  They’re quick, they’re easy and we believe they will add an additional personal touch to the stories you capture and and share.

And here they are: Continue reading