Facing Your Fears: A lesson from my 5 year old daughter

As a parent, I like to think I have some things of value to teach my kids. If my childhood reactions serve as any indicator, some of those lessons will be accepted with thanks while others will be rebelled against under the inarguable fact that they know better (read: teenager). In the end, I can only hope that the “life” lessons my wife and I try to teach our kids will be heard, if not listened to, and absorbed to come to their aid and guide them when they need them. Continue reading


Blinkbuggy Observations: Cyber Meals

The line between a true “family meal” & just sitting together at the same table is drawn by the distance from your phone and your motivation to go get it. We’re trying to keep the distance high and the motivation low. Turns out there’s withdrawal.  And it’s not just us – as one parent highlights in a great piece on the Huffington Post (link below), our kids are starting early too.  She saw a potential future state and resolved to take action!

how-one-photo-changed-everything by Lori Leibovich