Blinkbuggy Announcement & FAQs: Introducing Julie (our newest team member) and using Blinkbuggy with School-aged Kids

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers!

Our third baby – Blinkbuggy! – is really starting to grow up and make new friends.  We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Blinkbuggy family: Julie Grijalva!  Julie has recently joined Blinkbuggy as the Chief Corporate Development Officer and she brings fresh perspective to Blinkbuggy as a mother of 3 beautiful, school-aged kids (the youngest is almost 6).  Not only that, she is a self-described Blinkbuggy junkie, so of course, we had to hire her.  To inaugurate Julie into Blinkbuggy, we’ve asked her to share her experience and approach to starting with Blinkbuggy having school-age kids.  Without further ado…heeeeerrreeeee’s JULIE!

Happy Memories!

Emma Weisberg

Founder and CEO


Hi Blinkbuggy-ers!

I’m thrilled to be a part of Blinkbuggy.  I’m really looking forward to helping Blinkbuggy grow and reach its full potential so users like you (and me) have the best place to collect your memories and share your stories. Continue reading


Blinkbuggy Answers More FAQs: Managing a Brood

Question: I have more than one child.  Do I need a separate account for each child?

Answer:  No, you just have to pick the one you love the most. JUST KIDDING (seriously, just kidding!)  We approach this with the view that the memories we capture are all part of one big story with several key characters – our children, parents, grandparents, friends. etc. – and we don’t want to separate the characters and lose the richness from their inter-connectedness.  Rather than multiple accounts, we think a better way to manage memories for multiple children on Blinkbuggy is to have one account and use the built-in tagging system to associate memories with specific children/people.  Here’s an example of how we tagged a picture with two children in it. Continue reading


Blinkbuggy Answers Some FAQs

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers! We hope that you are enjoying your time with Blinkbuggy and are capturing some of those little moments with your families that you might have missed or forgotten before. We’ve been getting some great questions from you and there are a couple of FAQs we wanted to address.  

Question 1: Can I export my memories from Blinkbuggy?

Answer: Yes!  Our philosophy is that the memories you put up on Blinkbuggy are yours and Blinkbuggy was designed with that in mind.  We recently added the ability for you to export all of your memories to a file on your computer at any time. This is great for backups and making sure that you have another layer of control and protection to keep your memories safe.  You’ll find the “Export” function on the bottom of your “Account Settings” page as shown in the snapshot below. Continue reading