Welcome to the Blinkbuggy Blog!

Blinkbuggy is the place to log ones life and curate stories which can be passed on to future generations. It is a new solution for parents that offers a private, easy way to keep track of their most valuable possessions: the memories of children and family. Blinkbuggy helps make these memories more meaningful via easy consolidation photos, milestones, quotes, artwork, etc., simple yet powerful organization and clear privacy and sharing controls.

Blinkbuggy memeories

Memories happen in a blink… hold on to them with Blinkbuggy



One thought on “Welcome to the Blinkbuggy Blog!

  1. Thank you and welcome to Blinkbuggy! Flickr is definitely on our radar screen for expanding the import options on Blinkbuggy. We’ll keep you posted on our Blog or through email announcements as we get closer. In the mean time, don’t hesitate to keep sending us your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to info@blinkbuggy.com or through the feedback tab on blinkbuggy.com. Happy memories!

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