NYC Tech Talent Draft Virtual Panel

Last week I (Emma) was honored to participate in a virtual panel for NYC Tech Talent Draft program run by NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).

The goal of this valuable program is to provide computer science and engineering students from around the country with an opportunity to peek behind the scenes of NYC-based start-ups. Through this virtual panel, the students learned more about the recruitment tactics used by start-ups and received advice relevant to those thinking about starting their own companies.

I was joined by four amazing panelists and an excellent moderator. (listed below)

While I hope I provided some useful information to the participants, especially those at the idea-stage of their own business or those looking to join a very early stage NYC-based start-up, I know that the other panelists, who came from companies at various points in the lifecycle, provided practical, thoughtful advice for the next stage. I, myself, found it useful.

If you’re interested in the NYC start-up scene or considering a position with a start-up, watch this video!



Blinkbuggy: Emma Weisberg, Founder & CEO

Bow & Drape: Helen Pan, Director of Finance and Partnerships

ChatID: Dan Herman, CEO & Co-Founder Deepti Sharma Kapur, Founder and CEO

Preo: Robert Estelle, CTO & Co-Founder


Gust: Justin Cina, Marketing Director


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