Remember The Most Important Moments: Part 1

Remember the most important moments: Top 3 things you want to write down in baby’s first month.

Part 1 of the Milestones series from Blinkbuggy’s founder and CEO, Emma Weisberg.

Mom_baby_feetThe first month with a newborn baby is hard! No sleep, lots of crying, diapers, feeding, burping…it can feel like a never-ending cycle. Thankfully, even though it can be hard to remember in the moment, there is also so much joy and love mixed in and a lot of stories to tell already!

While every mom experiences the first month differently, having talked to many moms (and having been through it myself!), one thing is universal: the desire to have written more things down.

So learn from our regrets. Here are 3 of the top memories you’ll want to be sure to write down in that first month. Right now it may seem as though you could never forget the details of the day your baby was born, but trust me, you will be thankful that you wrote it down. And, in twenty years, your baby will be thankful too.

  1. The story for your baby’s name.

Write a note to your little one explaining the story behind their name. How did you choose it? What does it mean? Was it easy or hard to decide upon and was everyone in agreement? How about the other ‘contenders’ – what other name(s) did your baby almost have? Looking back, it’s hard for us to even imagine calling our babies something other than their names now, but we had some doosies!


  1. The birth story.

No matter how it goes, there is always a story to be told about the day your baby arrived. Who was there? Where were you? Did the baby arrive early, late or just on time? How long did it take? What crazy, unanticipated events ensued?


  1. The stats.

Don’t forget to mark down the stats! Date and time of birth. Length and weight. Hair and eye color. The name of the doctor or midwife (or taxi driver!) who delivered your baby.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the “Remember The Most Important Moments” series coming soon.  Until then, Happy memories!

Emma Weisberg

Founder & CEO, Blinkbuggy


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