Tis the season… so give!

Tis the season…almost.  As we enter the traditional gluttony of the holidays, we’ve been giving a lot of thought to what we want to get from our friends and family. Actually, the kids have been having this conversation for months already but now mainstream media has finally caught up. Shopping reminders are rolling in like the tides and “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are raising their flags, preparing for the consumer wars soon to rage…

(My apologies. I don’t mean to preach. It’s Frozen. How many Elsa dresses does one girl need!!)

Anyway, as we enter this year’s holiday season, we also want to give thought to what we can give back. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have what we have and we know that there are many others who are not so lucky. With that in mind, this year, in addition to “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, we urge you to keep December 2nd in mind.

December 2nd is #GivingTuesday (http://www.givingtuesday.org/), a day dedicated to giving back.

Seems the least we can do in this, the season of excess (I’m looking at you, 3rd piece of pecan pie! Why must you be so delicious!), is to give “giving” it’s own day. But let’s use it as just a reminder to start giving back more often rather than as a target in and of itself.  Even a little goes a long way to those who need it.

Below is an interesting, thought-provoking TED talk by Dan Pallotta on how we think about giving, specifically when it comes to non-profits. If you have 20 minutes to spare, it’s worth a listen.

Enjoy the holiday preparations. Be good to each other and don’t forget to give. Every little bit helps.

Happy memories!

Liad Spiro

Blinkbuggy COO, Husband to Founder and guilt trip of the day


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