Who’s the child here, anyway?

My feelings have been hurt. You see, lately our kids have been very much into mommy. From wanting only mommy to push them in the stroller, to mommy putting them tman-crying-e1375385140592o bed. It often feels like I’m the 4th wheel in this family. The fight over winning mommy’s attention often leads to shouting, tantrums and crying. The kids sometimes get upset too.

Perhaps I am overly sensitive (I don’t deny this), perhaps I’m emotionally immature (my wife does not deny this) or perhaps I’m just a dad who wants a hug. Is that so wrong?

Did I write that out loud?

Well, damn it, it’s true and I’m only a little bit ashamed to admit it. Now that it’s out there, I don’t think I’m alone in this… am I? Do all father’s go through this? I hope so. Not because I want misery to love company but I would take some comfort in knowing that my experience is not an exception to the rule. I’m sure that one day the tables will turn (at least, I was until my mother told me that it only gets worse from here! Thanks Mom!) and I’ll be the one in demand by our kids (or at least not shunned at the door a` la the last scene of the Godfather) but the favoritism has lasted longer than I expected. I’m ready for my turn. I’m sure then I’ll complain about how I can’t get a break.

There’s just no pleasing me… but the least these kids can do is try!

Liad Spiro

Blinkbuggy COO, Husband to Founder and getting in touch with my feelings


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