Blinkbuggy Reflections: Put your hands together for the details!

I’ll begin with this: I have no musical talent whatsoever. I can’t sing, don’t play any instrument, and can barely manage to stay with a beat.  Pretty sad for the son of an opera singer. Nevertheless, I’ve always loved music. As the saying goes, music moves me (that does not translate into good dancing skills). It’s hard for me to classify my taste in music other than eclectic. In the “old days”, I would walk into a Tower Records (remember those?), head straight for the listening stations and spend an hour listening to samples of different artists. I could walk out with a bluegrass banjo album by the great Bela Fleck in one hand and 2Pac’s (yes, 2Pac) new release in the other.

What made me pick up an album was often just a single, seemingly simple, note within a song that would resonate with me and bring the song to a different level. More often than not, one note in one song would be enough to make me buy an entire album. Take for instance the song “Changes” by 2Pac. In it, he samples the great Bruce Hornsby and the Range song, “The Way It is”. I had never really heard 2Pac’s music before this song but after hearing it, I was hooked. (NOTE: This is not an endorsement or recommendation.  It may not be for everyone). The song itself is amazing in my opinion but what really hooked me was a series of three little notes from a cymbal. See if you can hear it…

Did you hear it? There at the end? “ta-ta-ting”. Bruce Hornsby’s “The way it is” was already a great song in it’s own right but when I heard 2Pac’s rendition and, specifically, those three little notes, it took it to whole other level. I was blown away! These types of small details are what truly draw me into any particular song. They add a richness that can completely change its nature, taking it from good to great, from a flash-in-the-pan to something that sticks with me for years.

It’s the same thing with photos and memories (aha!  There’s the connection).  Photos can be like the song that you sort of remember and that you know at one point you were really into, but you can’t remember when, where or what it was that got you there. But layer on top of that same photo the date, times, people, things said, done or thought and now you’ve got a memory that remains meaningful forever because you’ve added the details, the richness, that gives it context and depth. You’ve added those single “notes” that make it more than a simple photo, more than just a moment. You’ve made it a memory.

Wishing you all happy memories!

Liad Spiro

COO, Husband to CEO, Blinkbuggy user, and tone-deaf crooner


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