Blinkbuggy Perspectives: Generations

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers!

It has long been our belief that, while Blinkbuggy is primarily focused on capturing our thoughts, experiences and moments as parents, it should not be limited to those perspectives.  We ask our own parents, family and friends to add their thoughts and experiences to our story which makes our story that much richer.

But since Blinkbuggy’s birth, another thought has been echoing around the cavernous space that is my head, and that is, Blinkbuggy as a “Retrospective”.  As parents, we are focused on looking forward, adding the new memories that happen to our family and us each day.  Then, every so often, we reach back into our own past to pull in memories that mirror something happening today.  For example, when I was 2 years old, my mom dressed me up in a pair of bright red overalls…corduroy nonetheless! (It was the 70’s so I should be thankful it wasn’t velvet).  Much to my surprise, she kept them (!) and passed them on to her grandchildren.  Putting those pictures of me in the same overalls that my kids are now wearing had a surprisingly powerful effect of tying the past to the present.  The connection and influence of the past on the present becomes crystal clear when we display the two right next to each other.

(And in case you’re wondering, as you can see below, I rocked those overalls… and so do my kids.)

Generations in Overalls

Speaking of grandparents (I was, see above) and Retrospectives, my father-in-law has begun to use Blinkbuggy to document his life from both the times before he had kids and grandkids and after.  The stories, images and memories he has gathered and shared with us on Blinkbuggy have allowed us to view parts of his life through his eyes and see them as he saw and experienced them.  More importantly, it has given us his perspective in his own words.

Some of you may recall a post I wrote about the loss of my father and how my memories of him and my kid’s relationship to him might have been infinitely different had he had access to Blinkbuggy.  Well, with my father-in-law, Blinkbuggy is giving us a window through which we can see the broader life of someone we know “narrowly” as a father and a grandfather.  It’s easy to forget that he and those closest to us once had lives that did not include us.  And even if we don’t forget, we rarely get the opportunity to know that life in much detail.  That much less so for our kids.  With Bop, as our kids call their grandfather, I take much comfort in knowing that they will have something to look back on and really know who Bop was, what Bop experienced in life, and how important his grandchildren were to him.  And they will know those things directly from him, unfiltered and untouched by the static of time that all too often distorts our memories.

With that, I wish you nothing but Happy Memories (looking forwards and backwards)!

Liad Spiro

COO, Husband to Founder & CEO, Blinkbuggy user and occasional sentimentalist


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