Blinkbuggy Announcement: Print Is Here!

PRINT is here! That’s right, it’s finally live! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Blinkbuggy Print with our partners, MILK Tailor Made Books (MILK Books).

You can now print your Blinkbuggy memories to beautifully designed, high quality customized Memory Books, Gallery Picture Frames and Folded Cards.

In celebration of this exciting news and as a thank you for being part of the Blinkbuggy community, we’re offering 20% off your first print product. Simply enter the code below at checkout to apply your discount.

Offer code: BBTHANKYOU20 (note: offer valid for six months)

Go ahead, try it out now by logging into Blinkbuggy and clicking the “Print” button that you will now see on the top left of the navigation bar. (Important Note: If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, you will need to allow pop-ups for this site once you hit the “Print” button, in order to continue.)

Want help getting started? Watch our Print Help Videos.

  1. adding Photos to your Blinkbuggy + MILK printed products
  2. adding Notes & Quotes to your Blinkbuggy + MILK printed products

Have a question? Visit our Print FAQs.

Wishing you Happy Memories and Happy Printing!


Blinkbuggy Founder & CEO Interviewed by Best Mom Products

Blinkbuggy’s founder & CEO and mompreneur, Emma Weisberg, shares her thoughts on and experience with getting her start-up (Blinkbuggy) off the ground in an interview with Rachel Olsen of Best Mom Products, LLC!  Check it out in full below.


Blinkbuggy Perspectives: Generations

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers!

It has long been our belief that, while Blinkbuggy is primarily focused on capturing our thoughts, experiences and moments as parents, it should not be limited to those perspectives.  We ask our own parents, family and friends to add their thoughts and experiences to our story which makes our story that much richer.

But since Blinkbuggy’s birth, another thought has been echoing around the cavernous space that is my head, and that is, Blinkbuggy as a “Retrospective”.  As parents, we are focused on looking forward, adding the new memories that happen to our family and us each day.  Then, every so often, we reach back into our own past to pull in memories that mirror something happening today.  For example, when I was 2 years old, my mom dressed me up in a pair of bright red overalls…corduroy nonetheless! (It was the 70’s so I should be thankful it wasn’t velvet).  Continue reading