Blinkbuggy Announcement & FAQs: Introducing Julie (our newest team member) and using Blinkbuggy with School-aged Kids

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers!

Our third baby – Blinkbuggy! – is really starting to grow up and make new friends.  We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Blinkbuggy family: Julie Grijalva!  Julie has recently joined Blinkbuggy as the Chief Corporate Development Officer and she brings fresh perspective to Blinkbuggy as a mother of 3 beautiful, school-aged kids (the youngest is almost 6).  Not only that, she is a self-described Blinkbuggy junkie, so of course, we had to hire her.  To inaugurate Julie into Blinkbuggy, we’ve asked her to share her experience and approach to starting with Blinkbuggy having school-age kids.  Without further ado…heeeeerrreeeee’s JULIE!

Happy Memories!

Emma Weisberg

Founder and CEO


Hi Blinkbuggy-ers!

I’m thrilled to be a part of Blinkbuggy.  I’m really looking forward to helping Blinkbuggy grow and reach its full potential so users like you (and me) have the best place to collect your memories and share your stories.

I have three children, ages 5 ¾ (if I had written 5, I would’ve never heard the end of it), 7 ¾ (I had to add the ¾, otherwise it just wouldn’t have been fair) and 10 ⅙ (you get it now).  The first question that everyone with school-aged children asks me about Blinkbuggy is “where should I start?”.  Do you go back to day 1 and fill in the last 5 ½, 7 ¾, and 10 ⅙ years for each child?  My answer is no way!  Just thinking about that overwhelms me.  For me, the best approach is to start from today and move forward capturing the memories from today on out.  When you have time, you can always backfill some photos, artwork, quotes, etc., from previous years, but make your focus the present.

The next question that I get has to do with what kinds of memories to add.  Some of us have already passed the first smile, first word and first step.  Believe me, I wish that Blinkbuggy had been around for all of those firsts.  Not to worry though because as the kids get older, there are countless memories and different kinds of “firsts” that you’ll want to capture.

For example, my daughter Chloe’s first soccer game…


And this poem that my daughter Ella wrote me before I left for a short trip…


Of course, you’ve got to capture the first day of school photo…


And one of my all time favorites, my son Jake’s artwork that he brought home from school for St. Patrick’s Day…


So, as you can see, the memories that you can add are endless.  And the best part is that, while organizing all of your memories, you can share them with your family and friends.

We’d love to help you make the most out of Blinkbuggy for your family, whether you have little ones or older ones.  If you have any questions about capturing those memories, you can use the “Feedback” tab on or send questions directly to  We’ll do our best to answer you quickly.

Happy Memories!

Julie Grijalva

Chief Corporate Development Officer and Blinkbuggy addict


3 thoughts on “Blinkbuggy Announcement & FAQs: Introducing Julie (our newest team member) and using Blinkbuggy with School-aged Kids

  1. Julie this is so adorable. Is it bad to throw out all the art and letter after posting… I feel so bad doing it! Love the Leprechaun letter!

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