Blinkbuggy Grab Bag: The “Dying” Arts? Not here!

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers!  Every now and then, while exploring the “interweb”, I come across things that, for one reason or another, just blow my mind and put a smile on my face.  This is one of them.  For many of you out there, when you think of the Banjo, the first thing that comes to mind is some backwoo….well, let’s just say it’s not always complementary.  But, in the right hands (I’m looking at you Bela Fleck, Steve Martin [yes, that Steve Martin!]) the Banjo is an amazingly beautiful and “happy” instrument.  So it was with real surprise and some awe that I came across the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.  These incredibly talented artists are also KIDS!  Not one of them is older than 16 and yet they play their instruments as if they were born playing, which I guess, considering there age, is entirely possible.  Amidst the national debate about where (and if) the arts fit in to our kids education, things like this continually confirm my conviction that they do.  After all, look how happy these kids look…and they’re on TED!  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Happy Memories!

Liad Spiro

COO, Husband to Founder & CEO, and Blinkbuggy User


Blinkbuggy Grab Bag: NYC Tips and Etiquette

We love New York City.  Granted, we’ve been here for a while so it’s possible that we no longer see the “forest from the trees” when it comes to those little things that make it special.  You know: garbage, honking, yelling, general lack of courtesy (not us, of course!).  We can appreciate how it may be a little overwhelming…especially if it’s your first time visiting.  Well, to help you make your visit to the Big Apple as enjoyable as possible, we’d like to share some basic NYC tips and etiquette suggestions courtesy of Nathan Pyle (http://www.nathanwpyle.com/).  Check it out at the link below.  At the very least, you’ll be a little better prepared to tackle the concrete jungle.