Blinkbuggy Observations: Cyber Meals

The line between a true “family meal” & just sitting together at the same table is drawn by the distance from your phone and your motivation to go get it. We’re trying to keep the distance high and the motivation low. Turns out there’s withdrawal.  And it’s not just us – as one parent highlights in a great piece on the Huffington Post (link below), our kids are starting early too.  She saw a potential future state and resolved to take action!

how-one-photo-changed-everything by Lori Leibovich



Blinkbuggy Reflections: How It All Started

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers!

From the moment my daughter entered the world, I found myself wanting to capture and share all the little things that happened with each passing day.  I wanted to capture not only the the big milestones but also the little daily things she did and MY thoughts and emotions around them.   During my pregnancy and after she was born, my husband and I were taking countless photos (that just sat on a hard drive) to document these incredible times while also trying to remember the amazing things she did and eventually, said, her interactions with other people, the thoughts that I and the people around her were having. I wanted to not only capture all these memories myself but to let others, like my mom, share in them and, more importantly, add to them from their own unique perspectives. Most importantly though, I wanted to eventually share it all with my daughter (and now the same thing with my son!) as she grows so that later in life she can look back at these times, enjoy them as we did and know how much I have always loved her. …and perhaps start adding to her own story. Continue reading