Blinkbuggy Tips: The things kids say! – capturing “Quotes”

Hello again Blinkbuggy-ers!

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember that really funny thing your kid(s) said to you earlier and kicking yourself for not writing it down somewhere?  We certainly did, not only as our kids started to talk but also when they got older and were really able to explore their new-found linguistic skills.  We’d scramble to find a pen and something, anything, to write on before that perfect, often hilarious, snippet slipped our minds.

The things our kids say are so fleeting and spontaneous that we often lose them in the chaos of our days and with them the richness they add when looking back on a particular time.  To help avoid this problem, Blinkbuggy was designed with a dedicated way to capture all of those amazing, brilliant things that spill out of those little mouths.

Capturing Quotes on Blinkbuggy is easy and much like capturing other memories (e.g. photos, milestones) but with a couple of unique elements.  To add a Quote, go to “Add” in the main menu and select “Quote” (“Add” → “Quote”) as show in the Snapshot below.


With Quotes, the first two fields you’ll see are “Who Said it…” and “What They Said…”.  In the “Who Said It…” field, you can credit the quote to a specific child/person (e.g. “Rachel”) or more than one person (e.g. “Rachel and Daddy”).  Then, in the “What They Said…” field, you can capture the quote itself.  This could be a single snippet of conversation or a whole conversation, the choice is yours.  There is a lot of flexibility in this field to give you control of what and how much you want to capture.  Below are two examples of Quotes captured in Blinkbuggy: a single quote (top) and a conversation (bottom).

Single Quote


The remaining fields are the same as those you’ve seen when capturing other memories in Blinkbuggy.  They give you control over how to organize your memories (i.e. collections and tags) and with whom you want to share them, if at all.

And there you have it…easy, isn’t it?

We hope these tips help you make the most of capturing your memories with Blinkbuggy. See our other blog posts, Blinkbuggy Answers More FAQs: Managing a Brood, for tips on using the Blinkbuggy tagging system and Blinkbuggy Answers Some FAQs (question 2) for tips on sharing.

As always, we love to hear from you so please send us your thoughts through the “Feedback” tab on or send questions directly to  We’ll do our best to answer you quickly and we’ll keep posting FAQs, tips and other news here on the blog.

Until next time…Happy Memories!

Liad Spiro

COO, Husband to Founder & CEO and Blinkbuggy user


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