Blinkbuggy Reflections: Looking Beyond The Lens

So here we are: Memorial Day (for our U.S. Blinkbuggy-ers).  It snuck up on us once again and, if you’re like us, you find yourself wondering… what just happened?  Didn’t winter just start?   And surely, we are not alone.  Our non-U.S. Blinkbuggy-ers must be asking the same the same thing about their start of summer/winter (? – apply relevant season for your hemisphere) in general, right?

For us, the “surprise” that it’s already Memorial Day causes a sudden realization (again) that time seems to pass so quickly when you don’t pay close attention.  It’s a stark reminder that we really need to slow down once in awhile, take a good long look at what we have and truly appreciate it. This is especially true as we look at how fast our kids are growing.

This “surprise” also makes us realize that we tend to focus a large part of our memory capturing efforts around these big holidays and events.  And even then, its often at a high level – just pictures.  Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE pictures (we have over 16,000) but it’s the little things – the things we say, the things we do, the little accomplishments that otherwise go uncaptured – that really make up the true richness of our lives.

“So what’s your point?”, you may be asking right about now.  Just this: It’s easy to snap a ton of pictures, but this holiday weekend let’s all try to put the camera down now and then and capture the things that are said, your own thoughts and the thoughts of those around you, the little milestones and events you can’t always capture on film.  These are the things that fill in the white space left by snap shots on “film”.

This weekend, remember to look beyond the lens and add at least one written memory, like a funny quote or a nice thought, to Blinkbuggy.

(As if it isn’t enough) That’s all for now.  We wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day, start of summer or start of winter… but most importantly, we wish you Happy Memories!

Emma Weisberg
Founder & CEO


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