Blinkbuggy Answers Some FAQs

Hello Blinkbuggy-ers! We hope that you are enjoying your time with Blinkbuggy and are capturing some of those little moments with your families that you might have missed or forgotten before. We’ve been getting some great questions from you and there are a couple of FAQs we wanted to address.  

Question 1: Can I export my memories from Blinkbuggy?

Answer: Yes!  Our philosophy is that the memories you put up on Blinkbuggy are yours and Blinkbuggy was designed with that in mind.  We recently added the ability for you to export all of your memories to a file on your computer at any time. This is great for backups and making sure that you have another layer of control and protection to keep your memories safe.  You’ll find the “Export” function on the bottom of your “Account Settings” page as shown in the snapshot below.

Export your memories to a file on your computer

Export your memories to a file on your computer

Question 2: How do I know if my family/friends have joined Blinkbuggy?

Answer:  You could always just ask them.  Just kidding! (…but seriously, you can). Here’s the real answer: When you go to your “Manage Friends” page (“Manage” in main navigation –> “Friends”), on the upper right corner you will see “Add Friend” (shown in the snapshot below).  Start typing your friend’s or family member’s name or email into the box on the left and, if they’re members, their name will pop up.  Just click on their names and an invitation for them to share your memories (but only the ones you specifically choose!) will be sent. If you don’t see their names then they’re not a member yet. In that case, you can add their email address, click “Add Friend” and an invitation to join will be sent to them.  Once they join, they can connect with you and you can start sharing in and adding to each others memories!

Look for friends or invite them to join Blinkbuggy

Look for friends or invite them to join Blinkbuggy

If you’re just getting started with Blinkbuggy, check out our Getting Started tips. We hope this helps. As always, we love to hear from you so please send us your thoughts through the “Feedback” tab on or send questions to  We’ll do our best to answer you quickly and we’ll keep posting FAQs and other news here.

Until next time…Happy Memories!

The Blinkbuggy Team


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