Blinkbuggy Tips to Get You Started

Hello Fellow Blinkbuggy-ers,

To all our new Blinkbuggy-ers, Welcome to Blinkbuggy!  As you begin capturing your memories we wanted to offer a few quick tips on getting started strong.  They’re quick, they’re easy and we believe they will add an additional personal touch to the stories you capture and and share.

And here they are:

Tip 1: Upload a profile picture to personalize your account – after all, who wouldn’t want to see your smiling mug, right!

Tip 2: Add your kids’ names and birth dates so that when your friends view your shared memories, they will see your kids’ first names and ages displayed, like you see on this memory page.  They’ll never have to “do the math” to remember how old your kids are and it’s a nice reminder of how our memories continue to build as they grow.

You can do Tip 1 & 2 on your Account Page.

Tip 3: Now that your page looks great, start inviting your friends and family! Once they join, you can easily share and enjoy in each other’s most important memories and milestones.

Finally, we want to hear from you – your thoughts about Blinkbuggy, things you’d like to see, suggestions for improvements or just to chat! So please use the feedback button on the site to send us a note. Just want to ask a question? Email us at Just want to stay up to date on Blinkbuggy news and announcements?  Sign up for email notifications on our blog to find out about new posts.

Now go forth and capture!  Until next time…Happy Memories!

The Blinkbuggy Team


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