Blinkbuggy Features Update

We’ve been hard at work making improvements to Blinkbuggy so that capturing your memories will now be even easier.  We want to share with you some of the improvements (with some screenshots) that we’re particularly excited about.

  • Memory Management and Bulk Editing:  this is a big one! We’ve updated these features so that you can now manage and edit your memories directly from your homepage and you can now select multiple memories at one time and manage or edit them in bulk batches.

  • Export Memories: another big one!  You can now, at any time, export all of your memories to a file on your computer. This is great for backups and making sure that you have another layer of protection and control.  You’ll find this on the bottom of your “Account Settings” page.

  • Google+ Integration: now, in addition to Facebook and Instagram, you can import pictures directly from your G+ account!

We hope you like the changes and would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment here or send us a note using the feedback tab on the site.

We’re always make improvements and adding features, so stay tuned and happy memories!


3 thoughts on “Blinkbuggy Features Update

  1. I’m trying to import from Facebook and it looks like there is a limited number of pictures that the import tool can see from my Facebook albums. Is there some way to access the rest of the images? Thanks!

    • Hi Sheri.

      Welcome to Blinkbuggy and thank you for reaching out! When importing from Facebook, clicking the “Select All” is the best way to import all pictures within an album. If you are already doing this and it’s still not working then we definitely want to look into it further and fix it for you asap.

      If you could provide answers to the following questions it will really help us to isolate and fix the issue:

      What browser you are using (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and the version? (here’s a link that can pull this if it’s helpful –

      Roughly how many photos do you have in the album you’re trying to import from? More than 400 photos?

      If possible, send screen shots of your attempts to import – helpful link (

      If you could send this to we’ll look into it immediately. Thanks!

      The Blinkbuggy team

      • Hi Sheri. We hope you’ve been enjoying your Blinkbuggy experience! We just wanted to let you know that we recently upgraded the import functionality on Blinkbuggy and we believe that these improvements should address the issues you were regrettably experiencing with importing from your Facebook account. If you try it out again and are still having an issue, please don’t hesitate to email us at and we’ll take a closer look at what’s happening. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible on Blinkbuggy! If the improvements take care of the issue, we’d love to hear that too! As always, wishing you Happy Memories!

        The Blinkbuggy Team

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